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Freiburg City ClockFreiburg is the fourth biggest city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It has ancient history, architecture and all the inherent attributes of the old city – City Hall, numerous churches, among which the main are highlighted, the University with the medieval history. This is one of the major wine areas in Germany. Therefor vineyards and wineries surround the city on the slopes of the mountains. Describe in detail the city and its history makes no sense, today you can find that on the Internet. But the little things that actually make up the spirit of the city, you should see, and then you remember and remain in memory because of some characteristic features that distinguishes it from other cities.

Main Cathedral of Freiburg CityThe main Cathedral (Munster) is beautiful and grandiose. It is impressive, and certainly stands out among its own kind. But it is only when put next to pictures of other similar monuments of architecture. It can be walked around and seen for hours. There are a lot of details, which attract and fascinate sight of the observer.

City canalsEverywhere around the city, on any street, the small canals are flowing. Well, and the canals they can be called conventional. Dressed in stone – that’s probably all that they have in common with the canals. It is more consistent with the size of gutters, which it was in the middle ages. All the filth of the city flowed over it into the Rhine. But over the years, this problem was solved, and the ditches turned into clean streams adorn the streets of the city.

Sidewalk mosaicSecond, eye-catching, feature appeared sidewalks. All the pavements of the city lined with hewn stone blocks of natural stone, but the sidewalks are lined with small flat pebbles. But it does not look like the seacoast, and as a museum of mosaics.

Freiburg street photographyOne can walk for hours through the streets of the city and not see anything repetitive. Trams, city clocks, painted walls, bicycles, tiny cars, street cafes, gardens and parks, people with dogs and donkeys, and other conventional components of the urban landscape, but special and make this city different from other cities in Germany and the world.

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City Square

Strasbourg – one of three modern capitals of the united Europe. For a mixed feeling is the architecture of the city – whether it’s France, or Germany. Today it is a French city, but a lot of things say about its German origins and complicated history. In Europe, all intertwined, many times altered and redistributed among the States, and therefore a matter of respect to a reasonable solution to unite and wipe on the possibility of conflicts between European States. No borders, no borders patrols, no boring looks suspicious border guards. That creates a comfort, it relaxes and allows the person to feel at home, it creates a sense of freedom and harmony.

Strasbourg Cathedral

In contrast to Germany Munster, major Cathedrals in all French cities are Notre-Dame. The Strasbourg Cathedral is striking in its threaded jewelry. Talented artists carved all items with a particular sophistication. It is hard to imagine that all this is made out of stone. From the distance at which the eye is not focused on the details, the whole structure looks like a skeleton covered with lace. Music in Stone – otherwise it cannot be called!

Strasbourg CathedralThe sculpture, which cover Cathedral, inscribed harmoniously into the overall design and, therefore, is complex as a whole. Needless to add, but nothing can be separated. It is perfect and finished form.

Smiling Girls

A very important feature and the main difference of Western countries is the people. Looking at them gives the impression that the problems do not exist for them, all they have is good and everything is arranged. No one worried face, smile and just an open mind, tolerance for everybody and everything, and no bitterness, and even more aggression. Life flows slowly. Hustle and bustle is not observed. But why spoil life for themselves and others?

River bank

Such a feeling that in Europe the only river is Rhine. It dodges, twists, making its way through many European countries. Here in Strasbourg, it is the main artery. Beautiful strong embankments, gardens on the banks, numerous swans and other waterfowl, couples, students and just resting citizens sit on the benches and swim in pleasure boat on this beautiful river.

Strasbourg - Little France

One of the strangest and at the same time, reminiscent of old Germanic origin of place is the area of ​​the Little France (Petite-France). For the French city it is strange presence of the district with the same name. But lost in the historical roots of the city, it becomes clear that the presence of French in the German city area looks quite normal. Extensive search of the place finally crowned with success, but something special, seemingly releasing this part of the general urban ensemble could not be found. Just pretty nice quarter.

The rest, of course, a huge city. Given its current status, there are many different European institutions and, accordingly, finance, thus maintaining it in proper form and makes it an important place in all aspects.

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