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Gallery Park

Autumn officially came to Canada. Rose with BugFall RosesSmall pink roseAnother pink roseAgain pink roseHibiscus rosa-sinensisRed Rose with spray water


Flowerbed of Baden-BadenWhile on a travel more attention is always given to a famous city with a rich history and numerous attractions. Small towns often remain closed and lost to the tourists. On the one hand it is justified, since it is impossible to see everything. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to imagine what you can lose, and that worthy of attention miss.

Landscape picture of Baden-BadenBaden-Baden – a small town lost in the mountains of the Black Forest in southwest Germany. The German word, Baden, translates as “baths”. Mineral and thermal springs, which have been converted into luxury Spa, have brought glory to this small city. Long before Hollywood with its red carpet, the richest people from all over the world came to Baden-Baden to show off themself. They came here to take part in the parade of the “rich and famous”. Landscaped parks and alleys leads to romantic walks, grandeur palaces, old buildings and luxury villas excites the imagination, intensity and variety of cultural events can envy Paris and Vienna, and the best hotels in the city are world-famous.

Friedrich's SpaWalking the streets you can find springs from which you can quench your thirst on a hot day.

Baden-Baden street mineral springBut other than that the tourists can see other interesting sights. The city is beautiful with its architecture, unusual buildings, canals, churches, monuments and parks. Numerous pub, cafe, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops attract visitors.

Collection of nice jewelleryThe real discovery in Baden-Baden was the Museum of Faberge. It was opened on May 9, 2009. Faberge Museum in Baden-Baden is very small, but cozy. Given the small size of the exhibits, it holds a rich collection of famous artist Carl Faberge, who was the main supplier of jewelry for the imperial family of Russia. He was a Russian jeweler, best known for the famous Fabergé eggs, made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials. Here in the museum there are a few items from this collection. But besides all of the exhibits are many other masterpieces: watches, cigarette cases, various jewelry, and animal figurines. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to make pictures of this beautiful collection.

Hotels in Baden-BadenThese are the unexpected discoveries that small cities of the world offer.

Baden Baden Photo-gallery

US Capitol

ColumbusTourists are beginning to view the most important monument of the state from the movie about a brief history of America, which sealed the milestones of U.S. history. Coming out of the cinema in a noisy crowd of tourists, ear somehow snatched the phrase – “Propaganda!” Apparently, so you can relate to this. But what is wrong with that? After all, every state in some way trying to promote their uniqueness. This concept can be treated differently. If the country does not appear on the ideology of state, it becomes as the territory easy to stay for the amorphous mass of the population. If the government takes care of the creation of the state, it is required to educate the citizens of love and pride for their country, a sense of patriotism. As U.S. citizens such qualities are brought up, and it deserves respect.

After the cinema, walking route runs through the Capitol halls and meeting rooms, where everyday policy and important decisions are created. Anyone wishing to attend the meeting of the U.S. Congress has the ability and can observe the behavior of Congress during the course of meetings and making important decisions. Not everything is so smooth and clear in making these decisions. Many of the actions of the U.S. government caused condemnation both at home and abroad, but in the end, for all the dislike and sometimes hatred of the government, the country is a magnet for many of the world’s inhabitants. Immigrants from around the world tend to get in the USA. And it is for good reason.

As a country built by immigrants in the relatively short term, the state managed to create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for every person in the country, regardless of color, religion or belief. And most importantly, free and equal opportunities to succeed were created. This does not mean that, having the right to live in the country, everyone immediately gets all the benefits. These benefits are earned through hard work, but people actions to achieve their goals (if they are not criminal in nature), firmly protected by the Constitution.

And now a little bit about the Capitol, as the object is not political, but cultural.

In Washington, it is the tallest building. So it was decided that nothing above it in this city should be built. Rule applies, and this is why Washington does not look like an American city – it looks more European.


Walking through the corridors and meeting rooms of Capitol leave no aesthetic impressions. Everything here is arranged by business and not much different from the parliamentary buildings of the other foreign countries.

Freedom - Crown of US CapitolPerhaps the most interesting place in the Capitol is Rotunda. Dome is crowned with the Statue of Liberty, seen from afar, and this picture is the face of Washington DC. This statue has incorporated the basic meaning of the idea of ​​the American state.

Inside this magnificent building shows the main milestones of the country.  All important events are represented by the numerous pieces of art.

The Apotheoses of WashingtonThe dome is painted with the huge fresco “The Apotheoses of Washington. The main element of the whole picture is the scene of the ascension of George Washington surrounded by female figures epitomizes freedom and achievement. They surrounded by images of the scene, embodying the main achievements in the wars, science, engineering, navigation, industry and agriculture.

Like a bas-reliefThe vertical circle at the base of the Dome creates a ring depicting important historical events. From below it looks like a bas-relief carved in the stone, but in fact it is also brilliantly executed frescoes.

Painting on the Rotunda WallThere are numerous huge canvases with scenes of American history on the walls.

US Capitol paintingAll this is inscribed in sculptural ensemble of Rotunda, which represent the important characters of the State, made the greatest contribution to its emergence and establishment.

Capitol SculpturesAfter going through the Rotunda, you get to the hall of sculpture, which presents one hundred most respected and significant characters in U.S. history (two from each state).

Here is the Capitol how it looks in the eyes of an ordinary tourist.

US Capitol panorama