First Snow

Toronto did not have White Christmas this year. This is why the first snow on Boxing Day was really appreciated. Day have not been bright and sunny, but quiet and white. City has worn the white wedding gown. Toronto is ready for the New Year.

Happy New Year, my dear friends!

Downtown Toronto - CN Tower


White as snow


Black and white


Snow hat


Waiting for the spring


Pine tree and high-rise building


Arc bridge


Quiet and smooth lake

Hiking trail

Pine tree under the snow

Maple leaves

Pine and snow


10 thoughts on “First Snow

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  3. Since I moved to NC from Chicago, I didn’t think I’d miss snow but, I love your takes, especially the shoreline and the fact I didn’t have to get cold to see it!

  4. Some really great pictures – especially the first one of these gallery is really great, because the shore line takes you further and further to the back ground.

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