Grenadier Pond

High Park in Toronto

Grenadier Pond

At the beginning of March it is still wintry. Officially we are going to meet spring on March 20.

Still winter on the Pond

Ice on the Pond

Sunday, March 3, was cold and grey day. In the morning it was quiet in High Park. The biggest pond in Toronto – Grenadier Pond – is still under the ice. The ice on the pond is still pretty solid, but along the bank it is already soft and full of water like a sponge.

Weak ice

Ice and water

People trying to use the last chance to enjoy skating on the natural skating rink but for the birds it is hard time. They are suffering from cold and lack of food. It is really pity to see them on the ice. That day I met swan’s couple sitting on the cold icy pond surface and warming up themselves. From the faraway it was looking like two small snowdrifts. Swans have hidden their heads under the wings and legs under the body. But then with the close looking I have found feathers motion under the wind. Oh!

Sleepy Swans

Swans and Scater

He is not sleeping

Gentleman on guard

Walking further along the trail I’ve met ducks in the open water. Some of them have painted boring and grey landscape with their green heads, yellow beaks, and orange legs.

Life and food is in the open water

Ducks in the water.

Females and Males

Green and Grey

Ducks on the band of pond

Colour on White

Soon it will be springtime!


16 thoughts on “Grenadier Pond

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    • Thank you, Diana. When the March day is grey the brown colour prevails on sleeping Nature. This year March is more wintry than springy. It is still cold outside (this morning we had -10C) and even Lake Ontario partially under the ice. However Sun is warm and bright and Spring is going to be here anyway.
      Have a nice day!

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    • Thank you, Patricia. That place is really nice for the artist like you. I’ve met a lot of them there. That would be nice to see one day something similar on your painting.

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