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St. Patrick’s Day!


Gentlemen looking like St. Patrick


March ends but the spring does not hurry up to come. Although frost and snow retreated, it is still cool, windy (though this is a common condition), and sometimes rainy in Ontario. All around is gray and boring. The only colour which makes environment alive is faded yellow. However when the sun shines everything becomes bright and colourful. In those days heavenly blue dominates around.

In the middle of March there is a holiday that make this month a little bit happier. St. Patrick’s Day is the most picturesque and very cheerful holiday. That is the main annual event in Toronto in the early spring. Huge Irish diaspora in Canada inspires  the whole multinational and multicultural Canadian society with its optimism, fun and irresistible humour, and extraordinary cultural traditions. Everybody is Irish on that day. And even participation of the controversial mayor of Toronto – Rob Ford, in the Parade did not spoil the holiday.

Mayor of Toronto

The celebration took place on March 17. However St. Patrick’s Parade have preceded the holiday. This is perhaps the most respected and esteemed parade of the year for the residents of Toronto and the surrounding area.


Farewell, Winter!

Canadian Glove

Frosty Morning

It was bright, crispy, windy and cold Sunday morning. Quiet time. You can meet by that time only “early birds”. It is time for walking and thinking. Nothing and nobody bothering. The best time of the day!

Frosty Sunrise

Here comes the Sun

Gulls on the Ice

Gulls on the Ice

Loan under the Ice

Ice and Trees

Park on the bank of Ontario


Sun in the Ice


Shade of Photographer


Still under the Ice

Grenadier Pond

Bridge above the creek

Wooden Bridge

Cloud in the Sky

Cloud in the Sky

Agelaius phoeniceus

Red-winged Blackbird

Grey and green birds

Spring is coming











March Blizzard

Snowfall in March


Trees under the snow


Fire root




Blizzard on the street

Sunday, March 2

Humber River under the ice

Humber River


Snow silence


Grass under the snow

Snow cap

Lakeshore road


The rest of tree


Bridge on Humber River

White Bridge


On the Lake Bank

Lake Ontario

Building in the mirror




March 1

The first day of Spring is not a real spring. We still have snow and frost. However there are a lot of small things showing that spring is coming.
Have a nice weekend my Friends.

Sunrise from the window


Cold and sunny sky

Spring Sky

Birds are looking for the food


The last chance

Winter Tea