St. John’s, Newfoundland

The BayThe Capital of Newfoundland and Labrador is St. John’s. It is located on the far East End of Canada. The place is beautifully situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast. City is colourful and pretty.
City has a biggest Memorial University in Maritime Provinces of Canada. About 20000 students from  Canada and other countries get education in different specialities.
The nature is beautiful and free of pollution because the industry in that part of Canada is not really huge. There are only few small local enterprises which are clean and safe for the environment.
This is nice place for tourism and refreshment.


28 thoughts on “St. John’s, Newfoundland

    • Canadian maritime provinces have their own charm. It is really worth to see them. The most what I like there is people. They are kind, open-minded, honest and very friendly. The nature is not colourfully beautiful as southern but have an awesome quiet identity and makes one fallen in love with it.

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  2. I love love the assortments in your gallery! I was content looking at the coast, but then you got some really good mixture with street photography, the houses, overlook, and architectures of old and modern builidngs. Always excellent photography, Alexander.

  3. Yep, another reply from me. I kept going back to the one that has flowers on the windows. That made me smile hugely. What a lovely sight to see. Thank you again!

    • This Building caught my eyes with strange feeling. It was huge and massive concrete monster. But something strange was in it that made it more pleasant than it was. Suddenly I realized the flowers made a huge difference in its perception.

      • That is exactly what caught my eye, the flowers. How flowers can transform a concrete building into something soft and beautiful. I’m glad whoever did this, had a vision to bring beauty to a place that needed it. Love, Amy

  4. Oops, what I at first was an artist, is a man smoking a cigarette next to an advertisement. Sorry. But still YOUR eye was pulled to this. I still make a point here. LOL xx Amy

    • I love your interpretation. Actually, I like pictures, poems, painting art where I cannot read exact idea or story behind that thing and I can guess or imagine my own story about what I see or read.
      The story behind that particular picture is. I walked alone the street and the young man in front of this banner caught my eyes. He was somewhere in his dreams or so. I asked him about making a picture and did not have negative answer. Then I promised to send that picture to his email address. He enter his address to my cell phone but did not save. I did not check if everything ok. At home I found that address is not in my phone book. My feeling is not good about that. I never lie to people and if promise to do something I do it. Sad!

      • Alexander, if you overlooked not saving this man’s email address, it was just a mistake. Please don’t beat yourself up over it. It happens to the best of us, really. Phones to me are alien, and I am still trying to figure mine out. It’s easy to make a mistake. Forgive the late reply on this comment. I’ve been very tired lately and some of my cats have not been well either. Again, for example, Rusty the one who almost had to have his leg amputated is going back to the Vet. His paw and leg are swollen again. I am back online for as long as I can be today. I send you my Love and (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Amy, I am sorry! It is really heartbreaking thing to watch somebody’s suffering. I experienced that many time in my life. One of that situation was with my pure white Persian Beauty – Chicholina. It is happened 5 years ago. Since then we decided do not have any animals at home. At least for now.
        Do not know why I recall Stanley Kramer film “Bless the Beasts and Children”. It seems to me they have to live in Peace and Love. It is only way to save Life on our planet Earth.
        God Bless You!

      • Alexander, I have already made my mind up, that when the cats I now have, are gone, I will have no more. This taking care of special needs cats is at times heart breaking, and then knowing there is an end, is also very heart breaking. I LOVE my cats, too much at times, and it is for this reason, I just will not put myself through this anymore. I know you understand. This summer has been really tough for there have been so many of our cats getting ill, getting hurt, almost dying, to the point, I will not allow them outside right now. At least this way, I can control a bit more their health. Keeping those inside that want to go out, is again, difficult, and I am doing my best with this situation, hoping that they all will adjust in time. Thank you for listening! (((HUGS))) Amy

  5. What a great series of photos, Alexander!! I really enjoyed looking at them. I couldn’t but help laugh when I saw the artist and what he was painting. Leave it to a man to draw a woman’s chest. Hehehehehehe Thank you for sharing!!! Love, Amy

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