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Island in Northern Sea

Islands in the ocean are isolated from the mainland and lead their outlying life the same as people who cut off from their natural habitat.
Life on the island follows to its own precepts, traditions, and style. Isolation and remoteness from the outside world bring inhabitants together to get through difficulties and adversities, make them more open and friendly to each other, give them a sense of responsibility and duty.
In such places guests feel cozy and comfortable, and become part of the community. Life here proceeds slowly, with no fuss and nervousness. People respect each other and are always ready to help.
Wangerooge is a small island in the North Sea, one of the countless islands of the ocean. However its proximity to mainland Europe does not give the feeling of isolation and abandonment. Just one-hour travel by ferry allows numerous tourists disrupt peaceful rhythm of local life, but allows island residents create jobs and keep track of everything.
The entire infrastructure of the island built considering tourism as a main activity.
White sand beach

The seacoast turned into a huge beach. White sand and almost colorless water, which is slightly stained in blue by reflecting the sky on a sunny day, or light gray on a cloudy day, give northern tranquil beauty of these place.
There are a lot of flowers and trees in this small town. Streets are crowded with hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and expensive boutiques.
The centre of the town is a big promenade. The only vehicles are bicycles. Local people use their cars just to go out of island. This is why the air is fresh and clean smelling salty water and wind.
Railroad     There is a small cute train on the island, which brings tourists from the port to the railway station in town and gets them back to the ferry.
Sea transportation


2 responses

  1. thank you for taking us to your country!

    September 24, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    • Laurie, it is not really my country although I like it. I visit it pretty often because my oldest daughter family lives there. Unlike you we do not have so many chances to see our grandchildren.
      Enjoy your time with the Little Man and all the family!

      September 25, 2014 at 10:31 am

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