Winter Morning

Last Winter Day-2The last February day was bright and freezing with the temperature -15 C. Lake Ontario is still under the ice. There are no any birds around it. While the city is sleeping and there is no any noise the frosty silence is ringing. By the early morning the only habitants of the lake shore are photographers who anxious to make some lovely sunrise pictures.
Winter is still strong enough. There are still no any evidence of warm and colourful Spring. The only hope is Sun which is warm, tender, and really promising. Good Day Sunshine!


21 thoughts on “Winter Morning

  1. My favorite photo is the reflection In the street. Beautifully composed. How could I not follow such beautiful photographs. Thanks for following my blog and stopping by. I love company.

  2. So very pretty, Alexander! Gorgeous, really. I also love the reflections. Good Day Sunshine, indeed! ~Theadora (“The frosty silence is ringing.” Perfection. You captured it.)

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  4. This is truely a winther morning worth experiencing. What a lovely light, Alexander. I love the reflections ❤ Happy week to come 🙂

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