Was it Spring?

Spring 2015-6
Last Saturday we had warm and sunny day. It seemed Spring came to our place forever. People after a long cold winter poured into the streets. Walking area along the lake was filled with pedestrians, runners, cyclists, roller-skaters. Playground filled with fun children’s laughter. Lovers occupied benches and secluded places on the beach. Rare daredevils sunbathed in the spring sunshine. There were the yachts and rowers on the lake.

Then the week of cold wind, the night temperature below zero and even light snow came again. Hopefully coming weekend is going to be nice and sunny again.


12 thoughts on “Was it Spring?

  1. From here it’s almost unjust to discuss weather – which is always a good conversational icebreaker or filler – right now the weather is a bit cold – 17ºC at almost 6pm – a week ago the temperature reached 24-26ºC – which was rather pleasant. Wish you warmer days if possible! 😀

  2. Hi Alexander. Thanks for sharing these evocative pictures from your city. I like when people respond to the spring and set off with a lot of different activities. It’s very life confirming.
    The promenade along the lake looks lovely. It is enjoyable to take a walk by the waterfront 🙂
    I do hope the warmth has returned. We all need some sunshine.
    Wish you a nice weekend,

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