Lost in Paris

Eiffel TowerOur trip to Paris did not have any special goals to see most important tourist attractions because the compulsory visits significant places in a hurry makes the journey tedious and annoying.

The plan was to watch the Parisians’ life, enjoy strolls around the city, and have fun. Walking without any special directions we’ve been just lost in numerous Paris streets, boulevards, gardens and parks.

Anyway, whether you want it or not all that routes leads you to all of these famous and beautiful places. It is impossible to resist and do not visit them. This is why the most remarkable landmarks appeared in our week trip to Paris. We used that visits only to refresh our memory and knowledge about some special things, which we most like in all these museums, palaces and other places.

Lately in our trips we do not staying in hotels but rented entire apartments. This kind of accommodation makes our stay more comfortable and gives the feeling of being part of the local community. You can go to the street markets, buy some food and cook it, enjoy sitting with a cup of coffee in one of numerous cafes, have a good lunch or dinner there, and adopt the local people life rhythm.

Apartment we chose was in Latin Quarter right beside Pantheon, near Luxembourg Garden, Sorbonne University and absolutely amazing market on Rue Mouffetard. There are only 15 minutes walk to Notre Dame Cathedral and all the beauties of Seine islands. There you can take the Seine River Cruise to see the city from the water. In your journey by the river you see Notre Dame, Louvre, Museum D ‘Orsay, Les Invalides, and of course the Eiffel Tower. In the night-lights it looks amazing.

Full weeklong we just walked around the city and only place where we used the transportation to go was Versailles. The walking was not boring and tedious at all because the eyes did not get tired to watch beautiful architecture, sculptures, fountains, and wide and green boulevards.

Lunchtime was a good chance to relax and get some energy with the glass of wine, delicious food followed by dessert and coffee. French people have their own wine traditions and it is not a big deal and something wrong to have a glass of wine for lunch. You can even buy the bottle of wine, go to the park, sit on the bench and enjoy you wine. A lot of young people do it on the bank of Seine River at evening time. There are a lot of options to celebrate the life in Paris.

Evening time fills up streets and boulevards by people. It looks like all of Parisians spend evening for dinner, glass of wine, beer or coffee and enjoying talking with friends. All street cafes, restaurants and bars are full of people. It is absolutely safe and enjoyable.

This is a brief glance on Life of Paris.

The longer you stay in Paris the more you fall in love with this great city.Evening on Seine


29 thoughts on “Lost in Paris

    • Gracias. Algunos días usted visitará París para asegurarse y disfrutar de esa hermosa ciudad. Usted está viviendo en un agradable e interesante país. Tuve la oportunidad de visitar varias veces y me encanta México.

  1. Wonderful, glorious post filled with stunning photos of my absolute favorites city on earth, Alexander!! What a delightful ten minutes I’ve had reading about your time there and enjoying every image. How wonderful to have rented an apartment too – I just may have to look into doing that the next time I am lucky enough to travel there (which I hope is sooner rather than later)! Thank you for a fantastic start to my day 😀

  2. These photos are mesmerizing, magical, sublime!! Now I want to go to Paris! How I wish I could travel doing exactly what you are. What a glorious post, Alexander!!! I’ve been SO busy in gardens and with some ill cats, I’ve not been over here in a while. I am SO glad I got here today!!! Love, Amy ❤

  3. Superb photos, Alex. I like your style of travel. It’s what I tend to do. I like to absorb the feeling of a place. Although the one time I did visit Paris it was a mad rush to see as much as possible in 3 days. 😦

  4. We were only there for 2 days so we were in tourist mode. A full Parisian experience sounds really really nice. I did get lost there. And there really is no escaping the rich architecture and other tourist spots. Your images are so awesome esp. the Opera.

  5. Gorgeous photographs, Alexander! I love the sunset shot. Ah, I love them all. Not a dud in the batch. You were in a fabulous location. Luxembourg Garden is pretty wonderful, eh? (Do any of your Luxembourg shots have runners in them?)
    (I love the pink hues in your top shot of the Eiffel Tower. La Vie en Rose.)

      • Well, if you happen to spot a runner in one of your Luxembourg shots, let me know. I’m working on a story about running in the park. It would be fun to include one of your photographs. Again, beautiful post! ~Theadora

  6. I think your post is beautiful and your stay in Paris must have been lovely too. Your advice to rent an apartment seems like a good idea.
    The picture of Palace of Versailles is a wonderful picture, Alexander. The colours perspektive and the visitors of the palace is like a painting ❤
    All the best,

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