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Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and CompanyShakespeare and Company is the name of two independent bookstores on Paris’s Left Bank. The first was opened by Sylvia Beach on 19 November 1919 at 8 rue Dupuytren, before moving to larger premises at 12 rue de l’Odéon in the 6th arrondissement in 1922. During the 1920s, it was a gathering place for writers such as Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and Ford Madox Ford. It closed in 1940 during the German occupation of Paris and never re-opened.
Famous Book Store in ParisThe second is situated at 37 rue de la Bûcherie, in the 5th arrondissement. Opened in 1951 by George Whitman, it was originally named “Le Mistral” but renamed to “Shakespeare and Company” in 1964 in tribute to Sylvia Beach’s bookstore. Today, it serves both as a regular bookstore, a second-hand books store and as a reading library, specializing in English-language literature. The shop has become a popular tourist attraction,[4][5] and was featured in the Richard Linklater film Before Sunset and in the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris.
Shakespeare and Company


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  2. Exploring such places are wonderful. You did a good job there, Alexander. Thank you for sharing.
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    • I just explored the “top of iceberg”, Hanna. The biggest part of Paris places is still under the water. 🙂

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      • Big smile here! That’s a great answer 🙂

        July 14, 2015 at 5:30 pm

      • Thank you, Hanna. Have a sweet night dreams!

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