Quebec City – So Europe. So close.

Château Frontenac

Quebec City – a city that seemed created for holidays. Everything looks elegant and fabulous. European architecture, countless sculptures and monuments, the house windows decorated with the flowers; the street performers and artists, lots of cafes and restaurants create a sense of festival. The small size of the city and the lack of hustle as in the most megacities, give to visitors the feeling of peace and calmness. However, despite its small size Quebec City filled with lots of amazing historical, cultural and sports facilities. Apparently, this is the basic requirements for a tourist town.
There is not even a thought to move around on some public transportation because everything is within walking distance. Is that for fun, you can ride horses in harness, so use the Funiculair de Vieux to move from the lower to the upper town.
The main pedestrian area and the most attractive place for the tourists, of course, the street Petit-Champlain, where plenty of the art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and cafes as well as it is a popular place for the street musicians and artists. And of course, the Terrace Dufferin, located in front of the Château Frontenac, with beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River, the Old Port and the lower town.
However, there is little inconvenience. Even in the summer here on the mountain can be cool and windy, while in Montreal it will be sunny and warm. Firstly, the city is located on a very high ground above the St. Lawrence River. Secondly, it is more northerly, thus the difference in the weather.
Nevertheless, all these inconveniences have no influence on the mood of the tourists. Just planning a trip to the beautiful City of Quebec, we must not forget a light jacket :-). Enjoy your trip!Quebec City_1-2

In the photo gallery you can read a brief description of some of the places captured on the photo. And also you can see perfectly organized Quebec City web-site.



14 thoughts on “Quebec City – So Europe. So close.

  1. wow, very French indeed! I will consider this town in my future vacation destinations! Very nice pictures! Interesting text! I really enjoy this post!

  2. You captured so many lovely details, Alexander! So much art. I love the colors of the shutters. Does the mural in the last shot have a story? It’s pretty darn great. Wonderful post. Thanks for the mini-retreat!

  3. Thank you Hanna. It is based on my own experience. I visited this lovely city many times and as I remember the only one my summer visit had a gorgeous weather. This last visit was on July 22 this year and after Montreal 26C sunny weather Quebec City met us with the temperature 18C and strong wind. You can see on the pictures the gray sky and all of the tourists are in jackets. Anyway, it is unproductive to complain on weather. There are no bad weather there are wrong closing and footwear. 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend!

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