First November Snow

The long, sunny, and warm Fall was surprisingly broken by the first November snow. It did not last for a long time however it covers everything by white blanket and made the world around clean and fresh.


9 thoughts on “First November Snow

    • Hanna, after Sunday snowstorm we have again the nice weather with a lot of Sun but cooler (about -1 to +5). Snow has gone. However tomorrow and on Friday we gonna have +12. So the sweet November keep going in our area.
      Have a nice day! 🙂

  1. Like in Germany it was snowing at your place in Canada. Here it was at Sunday afternoon, and it keeps cool now – until Weekend. More I don’t know.
    Enjoy this time, dear Alexander, even these days can surprise! 😉

    • It is not winter yet it is just a warning for people to be ready for its cold and snowy weather. I believe in Germany you start the Weihnachtsmarkt and Sankt Nikolaus days. It is a lovely and beautiful time. Enjoy!

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