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21 thoughts on “1975

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    • Amy, it’s true. It was like yesterday. For myself 1975 was the year full of sad and enjoyable events. My father passed away, but I’ve met this Girl (on the picture) who made my Life and still doing that. It was year of my University graduation and my first real job in IT business etc. It is remarkable year for myself.
      Amy, have a very Merry Christmas!
      I am surprised how dramatically your photo projects are changed. They are really artistic and professional. Keep going in the New Year and give us a joy to watch them.

      • Alexander, you are one of the few followers I have today who have witnessed how far I have come with my photography and yes with my writing as well. I observe others and I seek new ways in which to both capture images, and how to create the mood I wish to convey. There is so much more I would like to learn, but to know what I have accomplished in a mere 3 years blows my mind. I so appreciate your words, my friend, and I really thank you for sticking with me for the ride in order to see this transformation that is still taking place with me.
        May you have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas along with all your Loved Ones. Merry Christmas!!! Love, Amy ❤
        PS This is my first Christmas without my Dad and I am determined to seek and find JOY, for that is what he would have wanted. I want to remember him with smiles instead of tears. Loosing a parent is a huge loss regardless of the age you are at. As for your girl, good for you for making it work!! And yes relationships do require work in order for them to survive!!! 🙂 ❤

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