Château de Versailles

The Corridor Of The Palace Of VersaillesNowadays it is not necessary to go far away from the comfortable chair and big computer screen to learn everything about any object of culture. Internet and Google can provide you with all of the information. Moreover, all the works of painting, sculpture, and architecture, taken by professional photographers with the correct lighting and unexpected angles, look much more advantageous in comparison with the original museum pieces that impossible to see from all points because of the weak light and huge number of art fans crowding around. However visit and walk around such places provide an unforgettable experience. After all, the museum is not only a set of exhibits, it is also the building with all the details of the interior, layout, numerous galleries and halls and other elements of architecture and decorative arts that create a special spirit and build the visitor’s impressions.
Palace of Versailles in this sense one of those great places to visit. You can leisurely walk for hours through its galleries and halls stopping at a familiar exhibits to see them live, and compare with the image on the internet, catalog or album.
It is impossible to show everything that one has seen and liked in Palace of Versailles in the short blog articles, but it is possible to provoke readers to visit this interesting place.


22 thoughts on “Château de Versailles

  1. I’ve been to Versailles and it was so worthwhile to actually travel there to see it in all its splendour. It was in the days before digital cameras though, so I’d have to go back again to get good photos. 🙂 Maybe one day.

  2. I love being able to access galleries and museums via the internet but I can imagine how incredible it must be to actually be at Versailles. Like how I felt when I visited the ancient sites of Egypt.

  3. Grand majestic! Magnificent place, and pictures. Love the image of the crowd in front of the framed picture. You should send that particular image to a magazine.

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