Karlsruhe Zoo

Karlsrue Zoo TulipsApril in Karlsruhe, Germany was sunny, warm and enjoyable. After the winter cold and long sleep nature woke up and scattered the kaleidoscope of colours. In Zoo animals came out from their cages and celebrated Spring. The only one who missed Winter was the Polar Bear.


30 thoughts on “Karlsruhe Zoo

  1. Hello, dear Alexander!
    I’ve never been in Karlruhe. But just I saw the different animals from all over the world. Funny names they have, giving by you. 😉
    In Berlin we have two Zoos: Zoologischer Garten und Tierpark. There is also a lot to see.
    Thank you for showing your nice Pictures! 😻 🐾 🐾

    • Hi Gertraud,
      Actually, all Zoo have pretty much the same set of animals. However, all of these attractions are build, organized, and looking different. About 25 years ago I visited Berlin Zoo (unfortunately I do not remember which one of them, but as I know it was the biggest). On my opinion it was the best Zoo that I visited in my life. It was organized pretty convenient for animals and for visitors. Visitors are close to animals but it is absolutely safe.

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