Sagrada Familia – Church of Light and Air


Nonreligious people generally perceive all the temples, cathedrals and churches as of memorial to architecture and fine arts. Most of them are really a treasure of world architecture. Basically they were created by certain canons, although each of these structures have a unique recognizable “face”. Who, for example, does not know the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, or St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the famous Cologne Cathedral, the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican and other outstanding architectural monuments?! However, getting into the twilight of one of them, most of the people feel themselves as a grain of sand, the bearer of sin and eternal debtor to the whole earthly life. The only hope and symbol of the future happy life is the light in the high arches of the cathedral.

The brilliant creation of an outstanding artist Antonio GaudiSagrada Familia in Barcelona, leaves in the visitor’s mind and soul absolutely different feeling. The church is permeated with light and filled with air. The sun’s rays, penetrated through the huge stained windows and rosettes, play the colourful game of light and shades on the numerous interior details. While Sun goes around the church during the day the picture appears in different guises. All this play of light creates the sensation of flight. Life is going on here and now, and we should be happy now, without waiting for a future that may never come.

Sagrada Familia is a hymn to Human in his unity with God!



19 thoughts on “Sagrada Familia – Church of Light and Air

  1. I just saw la Sagrada Familia last week and it was one of the most exhilarating moments of my trip to Spain! Gaudí is a genius, and I am so glad that this piece is dedicated first to humankind, and second to god.

  2. 🙂 wow, they really advance in their work. The inside of the Sagrada Familia become a magical place! When I was there it looked more like construction place. 😉 Stunning pictures!

  3. You not only provided us with these astonishing sights, but also the remarkable feeling we would feel if we were to visit it. Such an out of this world piece of religious architecture..

  4. Good golly, Alexander. From top to bottom, what a beautiful. Divine, really! I love the photographs. I also love your words. A wonderful way to launch the week, too.

    I especially adore your last two lines: “All this play of light creates the sensation of flight. Life is going on here and now, and we should be happy now, without waiting for a future that may never come.”


    Thank you!

    • Thank you, Theadora. That visit was really special and impressive. The church has its own spirit and energy and shares it with visitors. You can go around for hours and will not be bored. There are huge amount of small details on exterior and interior too. I think one visit is not enough to enjoy Sagrada. It calls you back like Paris.
      The last two sentences of my post is the essence of my attitude and style of life. Who knows how many years, months, days God measured for us. Live full life and enjoy it!
      Thank you again!

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