Chihuly -glass and light

Sunday morning was so beautiful! It was sunny and frosty day! ROM exhibition Chihuly made our day brighter and happier.

Who is Chihuly?

Dale Chihuly, an American sculptor, has mastered the alluring, translucent and transparent qualities of ice, water, glass and neon, to create works of art that transform the viewer experience.

He is globally renowned for his ambitious site-specific architectural installations in public spaces, and in exhibitions presented in museums and gardens worldwide. Born in 1941 in Washington State, Chihuly established the glass program at the Rhode Island School of Design and co-founded Pilchuck Glass School in 1971.

Follow the gallery by clicking the pictures and enjoy!



24 thoughts on “Chihuly -glass and light

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  2. The lobby of the Bellagio is full of Chihuly glass and even though I have seen it at least 50 times I never get tired of it. Your photos are so vibrant and capture the essence of the glass!

  3. I’m still working out how to do replies from the posts, so I came to this one of yours, that so bowled me over with the colour and vibrancy .. seasons, do give us the feeling of the passage of time, but as often as I’ve seen your pictures, every once in awhile you will send something that is breathtaking in a different way, like the top one above in this post. As a photographer and writer, I find that the visuals that can be captured, can be a picture or they can be expressions.. I like what you do because your “creative” mind translates expressions to me. Yes I did wonder if you were testing me telepathically to finish the sentence.. smiles.. have a good one.

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