Lost Winter

Winter has been lost somewhere and did not visit us as we were promised by the end of last Autumn. Some people do not miss it but the others are really frustrated because of lack of winter fun. However it is not time for the end of the season and we can be surprised any day by the weather jokes and unexpected snowfalls and frost.



22 thoughts on “Lost Winter

  1. We barely had any winter either, Alexander. Loved your photos that looked dreamy and soft. Maybe next year we will get a lot of snow. Spring birds have begun to migrate so Spring seems right around the corner. 💖

    • Thank you, Amy! You sure, you missed the real winter 🙂 I remember your winter post when you experienced a lot of trouble with the huge amount of snow. It wasn’t fun at all.
      However I missed winter fun. By the way, we live pretty close to each other and have the same weather. Sometime in the early morning I feel Spring in the air.

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  3. Hi Alexander. Lovely snowy pictures!! We didn’t get much snow either despite the forecast of a cold winter. But as you say there is still one month left in the ‘winter calendar’.
    Wish you snow and fun 🙂

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