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Traces of Life

Rainy Morning

Spring in the Air

Spring in the air

Restless Niagara River

This river never is quiet and smooth. It has a very wayward character, and looks forward to meeting a cliff to fall down. This is Niagara Falls.

Niagara River Cascades

Further, down only

The Edge

Doors around the World

It is not just about doors, it is about entrance and all the details surrounding.









Paris (Ontario, Canada)

Quebec City



Washington DC




Spring in orchard

It’s hard to believe that in two or three weeks this boring landscape will turn into a blooming garden. Today it is waiting for the rain and the first spring thunderstorm.


It is unusual to see the real windmills nowadays but the alternative creations, which produce the electricity, are everywhere. That makes the landscape too industrial.


Vanishing Art

My post has been written under Derick Knight’s post influence. In his post we can see the very nice example of real book. Yes, it is an old one and is not in good shape, however, it is still nice book to have and hold it in the hands.
Nowadays different kind of electronic books is just a source of information, nothing else. But real printed book is a piece of Art. The creation of it is a huge amount of love, talent and work of Writer, Illustrator, Editor, Publisher etc. And at the end of this proccess we have beautiful piece of Art which warm up the hands, the soul, and the mind of readers.
There was a nice Artist Boris Zaborov, who embodied the book as a piece of Art in the form of sculpture. Probably in time we can remember the real books only looking at his creation.


The End of February

The shortest month of the year almost gone, but left some unforgettable memories.

Birthday Flowers. Son to Mother.

Morning Sky

Streetcar (tram)


Beauty of Winter

After 24 hours snowfall Peace around has been coloured by white and black where there are a lot of colours nevertheless.

My Valentine

Through the Window

Beauty of Winter

Snow Tongue

Sunset in Sherwood Forest

Valentin’s Snow

Morning Snowfall

Sunny, sunny, sunny day…

Unity with Nature

Black-capped chickadee

Feed the Starving Writers

What is the future of real printed books? Actually, do they have future at all. The electronic versions and audio books have been spreading around the World lately so fast, and the era of books and its lovers is passing away.

Feed the Starving Writers

Noon Moon


Black Magic