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Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri bust by Salvador Dali

Divino Dali

Salvador Dali created this bust of Florentine poet Dante Alighieri. The spoons are symbols of Gnosticism, a philosophy antithetical to the basic Christian doctrines of salvation, faith and good works.

Holy Cross Cemetery

Holy Cross Cemetery

Lonely Car

Sunrise at Welland Bridge

Reflection of Spring

Reflection in the puddle

To Feel the Spring

While it is still cool and not really colourful outside, the good replacement to feel the spring are blooming indoor beauties.

Orchids and Schlumbergera

March Goodbye Sunset

Poet said: “The longer we live the shorter are years, the dearer friends voices…”

And here we are already at the end of March.

This is the End (it’s only about March)🙂


For those who would like to boost adrenaline in their veins, there is zipline at Niagara Falls. Exciting attraction!

“On four parallel ziplines that face the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls, riders dangle from a precarious 67 metre (220 foot) high vantage point. Our fully-guided experience adds thrill to the breathtaking panorama as gravity floats riders 670 metres (2,200 feet), at speeds of 70+ kph (40+ mph), along the edge the vast Niagara River gorge to the Falls observation landing. Feel the incredible force of nature on your face!

Falling down

Scary move

Happy zipliner

Down to the Falls


Sometimes, when the head is full of thoughts, the eyes concentrate on details. Nothing distracts from thoughts.

Sun is shining, no lights need

Red boat on green water

Going to the Sky(lon)


It is really nice to be in the society where you can meet different kind of people, culture, traditions, etc. You do not need to go faraway, visit other countries. Definitely, it is not hundred percent indigenous, however it is a good chance to know and understand different people beside you.

Korean Hanbok

Traditional Korean Clothing

Life is short…

The beginning of March. It is still cold and snowy. Little mouse is looking for some food under the bird feeder. Usual life concern.

That is what my wife observed through the window and made this small video. See it to the end, please.

Rainy Day

Rain Tears

City Night Lights

Good Night!

Return to the Past

Sometimes there is a desire to return to the past. People name this feeling as nostalgia and most of them describe that feeling like missing the place. I think it is not about the place it is about the time. Geographically we can come back to any place we like, however, there is no way to come back in time. Even when you come back to some place most of the times you cannot find whatever you missed and whatever you would like to feel. Whatever has gone, gone forever.

We like to visit places where we lived before and had wonderful time. We used to live in many places, in few countries, met many wonderful people, made a lot of friends, and enjoyed our life as much as we can. To visit old places do not hurt us a lot. It warms up our souls and recall unforgettable memories. It keeps our mind and hearts young (smiling here, I wish 🙂 ).

Swansea is a neighbourhood in the city of Toronto. We lived there for three years and like to come back just to walk around, to breath the air, to see how time changes the place.

The White Bridge over the Humber River is one of the attraction we love to visit there.

Against the Sun

White Bridge over the Humber River

Somewhere over the Clouds

When the Sky is blue and Sun is full, nothing to watch up there. But when the Sky is cloudy and dramatic you can observe it to the end. Long time ago by the happy childhood summer, it was the best hobby to observe the clouds.

Behind the Clouds

Futile Efforts

Queen Elizabeth Way

The Highway itself is just a huge pathway which is not really different of numerous highways around the World. However, here in Toronto it is important transport artery, and difficult to imagine the city without it. In the hidden place near the Lake Ontario one can find the memorabilia of this important infrastructural facility.

The Lion Monument

QEW – Monument

Lion King

Lost in the Jungle

House of the Setting Sun

Quiet Evening

Sunset above the Bridge

Finally we have it. Life is Wonderful!

Happy Valentine‘s Day!

Welland Bridge Sunset

Morning Mood!

Love in Black

The Beauty and the Beast


It’s pleasure to watch the birds feeder with its inhabitants. But sometimes unexpected guests come over here to have some food under the feeder. They are not really welcomed, however they are part of Nature. It’s dilemma – are you ready to feed beauties and beasts at the same time?!


Rare Winter Sunset

The grey winter day unexpectedly ended with the beautiful sunset.

A little bit of joy


Blurry Night

No Swimming Today

No swimming today

Blue Day

Trumpeter Swans

Finally, we had sunny, frosty, and snowy winter weekend. The Sun was blindingly bright, and on its harsh light the photography did not have semitones. However, it did not stop me to make some pictures of beautiful trumpeter swans.

Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swans Family


Winter Fun