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Spring in Karlsruhe

Spring in Ulm

Spring in Wilhemshaven

Spring in Freiburg

Dad I can wear a dress too


Spring in Freudenstadt

Spring in Baden-Baden



April in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is a spa town in southwestern Germany’s Black Forest, near the border with France. Its thermal baths led to fame as a fashionable 19th-century resort. Alongside the Oos River, park-lined Lichtentaler Allee is the town’s central promenade.

Karlsruhe Zoo

Karlsrue Zoo TulipsApril in Karlsruhe, Germany was sunny, warm and enjoyable. After the winter cold and long sleep nature woke up and scattered the kaleidoscope of colours. In Zoo animals came out from their cages and celebrated Spring. The only one who missed Winter was the Polar Bear.

Sunday Afternoon in Bremen



Bremen – Market Square

Bremen ArchitectureMost European cities look like outdoor museums. Tourists can wander for hours and admire architecture, sculptures, parks, promenades. All of these objects are true Pieces of Art created by famous artists. Market Square in Bremen is full of these masterpieces.

The Bremen Town-Musicians

The Bremen Town-MusiciansMany of us know about the city of Bremen from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Bremen Town Musicians“. But not a lot of people will take a trip just with the purpose to see that statue. However if you are close to this city for some reason it worth to come and see that landmark and the city itself. Because we’ve been just 100 miles away we decided to visit that lovely place. On sunny April Saturday morning we went on a date with this beautiful city. Driving on German Autobahn easy and relaxing this is why travel time has flown by. Leaving the car in the parking lot away from the centre, we took the street car for further travel.Bremen street car From the bridge Burgermeister-Schmidt-Brücke we continued walking along the promenade of the river Weser. On the lower level of the promenade a flea market takes place at the weekend. It looks like a treasure island filled with many interesting things and absolutely useless junk. However, everyone can find something cute and useful to buy just for funny price. On the upper level there is a wide pedestrian area with lots of outdoor cafes and pubs, souvenir shops, improvised scenes, where something happen all the time.Musicians The relaxed audience sat under gentle spring sunshine with a glass of wine or beer, talking and listening to music. European cities are different compare to the American and Canadian ones with one important thing – there is no shopping at the weekend at all. People simply take a break from everyday worries.

After passing through the ranks of the “flea markets” we were have a choice – to continue to walk along the waterfront or rather go up to the city. We choose to the go wandering on the little pretty streets watching the city life of the day. So suddenly we were in the central square Markt Platz, where the Town Hall, St. Peter’s Basilica and the city parliament are located. In front of Town Hall there is Sculpture of Roland who is associated with independence of Bremen. In the western part of the Town Hall finally we saw the famous Musicians that, in fact, brought us to the city and what we take our trip for. A small bronze sculpture nested right near the Town Hall wall. A big Barcelonacrowd of tourists were waiting for their turn to take a picture with the sculpture, and therefore get one good shot without any participants is almost impossible.
We completed our tour with the lovely lunch at a restaurant with an interesting name «Bar Celona», which sounds like the capital of Catalonia – Barcelona. Farewell to someone or something is always with sadness. The only good thing what encourage us is anticipation to meet new cities and people.



Wilhelmshaven is nice city on the coast of North Sea. The reason of visit was just to walk around, to see how local people enjoy their life, to relax with them and get good impressions and memory.
Main Street


Island in Northern Sea

Islands in the ocean are isolated from the mainland and lead their outlying life the same as people who cut off from their natural habitat.
Life on the island follows to its own precepts, traditions, and style. Isolation and remoteness from the outside world bring inhabitants together to get through difficulties and adversities, make them more open and friendly to each other, give them a sense of responsibility and duty.
In such places guests feel cozy and comfortable, and become part of the community. Life here proceeds slowly, with no fuss and nervousness. People respect each other and are always ready to help.
Wangerooge is a small island in the North Sea, one of the countless islands of the ocean. However its proximity to mainland Europe does not give the feeling of isolation and abandonment. Just one-hour travel by ferry allows numerous tourists disrupt peaceful rhythm of local life, but allows island residents create jobs and keep track of everything.
The entire infrastructure of the island built considering tourism as a main activity.
White sand beach

The seacoast turned into a huge beach. White sand and almost colorless water, which is slightly stained in blue by reflecting the sky on a sunny day, or light gray on a cloudy day, give northern tranquil beauty of these place.
There are a lot of flowers and trees in this small town. Streets are crowded with hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and expensive boutiques.
The centre of the town is a big promenade. The only vehicles are bicycles. Local people use their cars just to go out of island. This is why the air is fresh and clean smelling salty water and wind.
Railroad     There is a small cute train on the island, which brings tourists from the port to the railway station in town and gets them back to the ferry.
Sea transportation



Sad Dog

North Sea – Carolinensiel

Caroline Shield

Caroline. Situated to the 275 year celebration of the place Carolinensiel in the year 2005.
As a reminder of the term “Cliner Wind” for the joy of life, world openness, energy and courage.

Northern nature, its colors, and light are totally different from the southern. There are no flashy beauty and the scorching sun, shades are softer and warmer, the days are longer, and therefore more chances for photographers to use morning and evening soft light.
Probably for this reason, people in the Nordic countries unhurried, with restrained emotions and balanced character, prone to compromises and tolerance. All this creates a comfortable and supportive environment for recreation.
Carolinensiel is a small town on North Sea coast in Germany. We can say that it is even tiny. Here, however, created a fairly well developed infrastructure for tourism, and even in April town is full of fans who ready to see something new.

 Carolinensiel Downtown

The town center is a cluster of small museums, gift shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. But the main attraction definitely is the North Sea with its beautiful beaches. That is all what tourists need.
As we move towards the coast from the center of town the focus has shifted towards the hotels, motels and other places for accommodation.
But there is another way to spend your holiday – rent a house in the vicinity of the town. We have done so.

Farmer's House

Wind Generators


The house was 5 kilometers from the center. It stood among German manicured fields. There were a lot of wind turbines nearby that did not violate the harmony of nature. House was surrounded by flowers and shaded by huge trees. Within a few minutes walking distance located rustic restaurant. In the near surroundings were several houses where the locals were engaged in their own business.
The horse’s owners attracted tourists the most. They organized horseback riding and for young children they had ponies. In the morning there was a peaceful silence, broken only by birdsong.

Nord See

North Sea. The seawater colour was light gray, and it seemed that all the paint was obtained from washed sand, which laid like white veil at the water’s edge. Wind blows in here constantly, this is why the air is full of flocks of flying kites.
Tide is an interesting nature phenomenon. By noon the sea retreats far enough. It went somewhere over the horizon, and many tourists explored the remains of marine life on the sea bottom. However, with such walks it is necessary to be very careful and it would be better to have a companion who knows how far you can go from the shore, and more important when to return.
On the day when we were walking along the seabed, the rescuers had to fish for three hapless tourists who hoped for their knowledge and power. Sea goes out slowly, and returns very quickly.


Unlike the sea a lot of good things do not come back. They only stay in our memory.



Bielefeld StreetEaster Monday in Bielefeld, Germany, was sunny and warm. Why Bielefeld? My daughter and her family with three kids live there. It is a little bit too far to see each other really often this is why Easter was good reason to go there. It was not the first visit of that city. There are many familiar things there but every single visit still a lot of hidden places and undiscovered objects. Green Door The most popular and loved place is Old Town in the center. All of it is a huge pedestrian area. Tourists and local people just walking around, smiling, laughing, talking, siting in cafe and restaurants with friends and families, and celebrate the Life. Watch that difficult to imaging why somewhere in the world so many unhappy people and trouble, sorrow and grief. Life is too short to make it miserable. Markt Platz Spring is in full power in Bielefeld. There are a lot of flowers; all the trees and bushes are dressed with young and tender leaves. Breeze stirs the air. Sun is playing on the shivering leaves and sending its rays in the eyes. People squint but do not hide from the sun. They enjoy warm and gentle spring light. Pond and Fountain Peace and Love reign in the city.

Because I'm happy


Flowerbed of Baden-BadenWhile on a travel more attention is always given to a famous city with a rich history and numerous attractions. Small towns often remain closed and lost to the tourists. On the one hand it is justified, since it is impossible to see everything. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to imagine what you can lose, and that worthy of attention miss.

Landscape picture of Baden-BadenBaden-Baden – a small town lost in the mountains of the Black Forest in southwest Germany. The German word, Baden, translates as “baths”. Mineral and thermal springs, which have been converted into luxury Spa, have brought glory to this small city. Long before Hollywood with its red carpet, the richest people from all over the world came to Baden-Baden to show off themself. They came here to take part in the parade of the “rich and famous”. Landscaped parks and alleys leads to romantic walks, grandeur palaces, old buildings and luxury villas excites the imagination, intensity and variety of cultural events can envy Paris and Vienna, and the best hotels in the city are world-famous.

Friedrich's SpaWalking the streets you can find springs from which you can quench your thirst on a hot day.

Baden-Baden street mineral springBut other than that the tourists can see other interesting sights. The city is beautiful with its architecture, unusual buildings, canals, churches, monuments and parks. Numerous pub, cafe, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops attract visitors.

Collection of nice jewelleryThe real discovery in Baden-Baden was the Museum of Faberge. It was opened on May 9, 2009. Faberge Museum in Baden-Baden is very small, but cozy. Given the small size of the exhibits, it holds a rich collection of famous artist Carl Faberge, who was the main supplier of jewelry for the imperial family of Russia. He was a Russian jeweler, best known for the famous Fabergé eggs, made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials. Here in the museum there are a few items from this collection. But besides all of the exhibits are many other masterpieces: watches, cigarette cases, various jewelry, and animal figurines. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to make pictures of this beautiful collection.

Hotels in Baden-BadenThese are the unexpected discoveries that small cities of the world offer.

Baden Baden Photo-gallery


Freiburg City ClockFreiburg is the fourth biggest city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It has ancient history, architecture and all the inherent attributes of the old city – City Hall, numerous churches, among which the main are highlighted, the University with the medieval history. This is one of the major wine areas in Germany. Therefor vineyards and wineries surround the city on the slopes of the mountains. Describe in detail the city and its history makes no sense, today you can find that on the Internet. But the little things that actually make up the spirit of the city, you should see, and then you remember and remain in memory because of some characteristic features that distinguishes it from other cities.

Main Cathedral of Freiburg CityThe main Cathedral (Munster) is beautiful and grandiose. It is impressive, and certainly stands out among its own kind. But it is only when put next to pictures of other similar monuments of architecture. It can be walked around and seen for hours. There are a lot of details, which attract and fascinate sight of the observer.

City canalsEverywhere around the city, on any street, the small canals are flowing. Well, and the canals they can be called conventional. Dressed in stone – that’s probably all that they have in common with the canals. It is more consistent with the size of gutters, which it was in the middle ages. All the filth of the city flowed over it into the Rhine. But over the years, this problem was solved, and the ditches turned into clean streams adorn the streets of the city.

Sidewalk mosaicSecond, eye-catching, feature appeared sidewalks. All the pavements of the city lined with hewn stone blocks of natural stone, but the sidewalks are lined with small flat pebbles. But it does not look like the seacoast, and as a museum of mosaics.

Freiburg street photographyOne can walk for hours through the streets of the city and not see anything repetitive. Trams, city clocks, painted walls, bicycles, tiny cars, street cafes, gardens and parks, people with dogs and donkeys, and other conventional components of the urban landscape, but special and make this city different from other cities in Germany and the world.

Freiburg photogallery.