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Two Loneliness just met



Pelican fishing

A Breath of Air

Sometimes, to leave all the troubles behind is only way to go to airport, buy the ticket and fly with no any special plans and directions. It cleans the mind, lets body to relax and to revive for the next life journey.

Holy Cross Cemetery

Holy Cross Cemetery

Reflection of Spring

Reflection in the puddle

To Feel the Spring

While it is still cool and not really colourful outside, the good replacement to feel the spring are blooming indoor beauties.

Orchids and Schlumbergera

March Goodbye Sunset

Poet said: “The longer we live the shorter are years, the dearer friends voices…”

And here we are already at the end of March.

This is the End (it’s only about March)🙂

Rainy Day

Rain Tears

Morning Mood!

Love in Black

The Beauty and the Beast


It’s pleasure to watch the birds feeder with its inhabitants. But sometimes unexpected guests come over here to have some food under the feeder. They are not really welcomed, however they are part of Nature. It’s dilemma – are you ready to feed beauties and beasts at the same time?!


Rare Winter Sunset

The grey winter day unexpectedly ended with the beautiful sunset.

A little bit of joy


Blurry Night

The Light of Hope!

Happy New Year!

White Christmas morning

After two days of disaster we have beautiful Christmas day!

December Night

The Moon and the Star

Let it Snow

Yesterday we just had winter warning. And today it happened. Two feet of snow is a little bit too much for November. However, we have what we have. No complains❄️🙂

Let it snow
The beginning of snowfall
Still falling

The first snow

November snow is not something special in our place. However, any time it’s coming unexpectedly. Today in the morning we found the first touch of winter.

Evening Coctail

November Morning

Through the Fog

November Sunrise

Captain Morgan

Guess, who of them is Captain Morgan. Lol…

Good Caribbean Morning!

A little bit of late Summer

Sometimes it’s really necessary to escape from crazy life, forget about everything, and give your brain time to relax of all World’s troubles.


Paletta Park

I am not going to write down about this beautiful place. For me it is just one of my favorite places related to our happy life for 23 years in the most popular among the people town of Oakville. Paletta Park is not located in Oakville but in Burlington, however both of these two towns flow smoothly from one to the other. Crossing these towns we pretty often make a short visit to some of our favorite places. Unfortunately, the towns lost their charm because of being overpopulated and become mostly looking like a city. However in the early morning or bad weather they are still the same like we found them at the very first time we saw them.

For those who is interested in Paletta Park story here is the link:

Blue on Blue