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Morning Star Mill

There are a lot of beautiful hidden places in Niagara region where the environment is very quiet and calm. One of them is Morning Star Mill. It is located on the small creek. On the top there is a nice pond with mirror surface and pleasant landscape around. In the lazy summer afternoon when sun is high and hot the deep forest shade and cool water breeze are good things for refreshment.

DeCew FallsBut right after Mill the water falls down and from the top it is impossible to see where it goes. To see this waterfall from the bottom takes one hour walking down to the river. The trail is pretty rough and steep. Not many people take this journey to the Twelve Mile Creek to enjoy the waterfall in full its beauty.
Morning Star MillSome nature sculptures in the forest on the Twelve Mile Creek banks.
Looking from the nestThe rest of Oak branch



Bielefeld StreetEaster Monday in Bielefeld, Germany, was sunny and warm. Why Bielefeld? My daughter and her family with three kids live there. It is a little bit too far to see each other really often this is why Easter was good reason to go there. It was not the first visit of that city. There are many familiar things there but every single visit still a lot of hidden places and undiscovered objects. Green Door The most popular and loved place is Old Town in the center. All of it is a huge pedestrian area. Tourists and local people just walking around, smiling, laughing, talking, siting in cafe and restaurants with friends and families, and celebrate the Life. Watch that difficult to imaging why somewhere in the world so many unhappy people and trouble, sorrow and grief. Life is too short to make it miserable. Markt Platz Spring is in full power in Bielefeld. There are a lot of flowers; all the trees and bushes are dressed with young and tender leaves. Breeze stirs the air. Sun is playing on the shivering leaves and sending its rays in the eyes. People squint but do not hide from the sun. They enjoy warm and gentle spring light. Pond and Fountain Peace and Love reign in the city.

Because I'm happy

Casa Loma

Toronto landmarkCanada is the young country this is why it does not have remarkable and worldwide known ancient or medieval architectural attractions with long history. The largest city of the country Toronto is typical North American city with downtown full of modern skyscrapers. However there are few 18th and 19th centuries beautiful buildings around it.

As of the rule in the past cities were developed around the churches and castles. Because of that the most remarkable and beautiful architectural treasure around the world are that kind of buildings.
One of the most gorgeous and famous landmark in Toronto is Casa Loma – “House on the Hill”. The Medieval castle was built on the highest point of the city and visitors have the perfect view from its towers. The owner of his dreamy home Sir Henry Pellatt began construction in 1911 and completed in three years. It is beautiful building with magnificent park and fountains. The palace is not very old and because of that preserved in its original form.



Today Casa Loma is a wonderful monument to its creator.

Cavalcade of Lights

Philips Square in Toronto

That was lovely tradition in Toronto to have Cavalcade of Lights for four weekends prior Christmas. Unfortunately, for few last years that event takes place only once by the Holiday season. Toronto people love that picturesque show and Phillips Square where that happen usually full of citizens and guests of the city. The Firework firing from the roof of the City Hall an all building is under the fire and smoke. Sounds of Firework and Music from the stage at the feet of building, people wowing, applauding and laughing everywhere create excitement and even ecstatic in this whole organism. With the last volley it gains its highest level. Suddenly everything comes down like nothing happened few minutes ago. It is saddest moment of the event. Another year has to pass  to get that half an hour emotional energy charge.

Firework in TorontoWhite light on City HallFire in the SkyBlue Light on the SkyCity Hall on Philips SquareRed LightsCity Hall Square Cavalcade of Lights-9Toronto before Christmas


 Modern Toronto is a  typical metropolis and it is difficult to know Canada through it. There are certainly some unique features that distinguish Toronto from other large cities in the world, but the spirit of Canada located in small towns.

Canadian town Peterborough


Peterborough is one of those places. Cute and charming town situated on the banks of Otonabee River. There are two of the most distinctive and remarkable places it the town –
 Lift Lock and Del Crary Park.

Peterborough Lift Lock

Otonabee River is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway, providing a link from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron. Also, Trent Canal runs through the very eastern portion of the city and is home to the Peterborough Lift Lock the largest and highest hydraulic boat lift in the world (65 feet or 19.8 meters).

Boat on Trent Canal

Boat is going downThe way backDel Crary Park is a large urban greenspace on Little Lake, located in close proximity to downtown Peterborough.

Autumn in the park

Sky and Fountain in the Mirror

Peterborough parks, canal, alleys picturesque covered with autumn colour.

Maple on the coast of Canal

People on the Bench

Oaks and Maples in yellow

Tower in the red bush

Trees in the mirror of CanalApples and Yellow bushRed and Yellow Leave on Mapple

Almost bold tree

Winter Dream

Winter came to the end. It is time to think about something colourful and warm. This is a few pictures that are going to remind lovely places with full year long summer.The bouquet of tropic

Caribbean sunriseSand and SeaSunny beachLight in the SkyWarm and brightSilenceReflectionSky and PalmCloud and SeaDark horizon


Flowerbed of Baden-BadenWhile on a travel more attention is always given to a famous city with a rich history and numerous attractions. Small towns often remain closed and lost to the tourists. On the one hand it is justified, since it is impossible to see everything. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to imagine what you can lose, and that worthy of attention miss.

Landscape picture of Baden-BadenBaden-Baden – a small town lost in the mountains of the Black Forest in southwest Germany. The German word, Baden, translates as “baths”. Mineral and thermal springs, which have been converted into luxury Spa, have brought glory to this small city. Long before Hollywood with its red carpet, the richest people from all over the world came to Baden-Baden to show off themself. They came here to take part in the parade of the “rich and famous”. Landscaped parks and alleys leads to romantic walks, grandeur palaces, old buildings and luxury villas excites the imagination, intensity and variety of cultural events can envy Paris and Vienna, and the best hotels in the city are world-famous.

Friedrich's SpaWalking the streets you can find springs from which you can quench your thirst on a hot day.

Baden-Baden street mineral springBut other than that the tourists can see other interesting sights. The city is beautiful with its architecture, unusual buildings, canals, churches, monuments and parks. Numerous pub, cafe, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops attract visitors.

Collection of nice jewelleryThe real discovery in Baden-Baden was the Museum of Faberge. It was opened on May 9, 2009. Faberge Museum in Baden-Baden is very small, but cozy. Given the small size of the exhibits, it holds a rich collection of famous artist Carl Faberge, who was the main supplier of jewelry for the imperial family of Russia. He was a Russian jeweler, best known for the famous Fabergé eggs, made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials. Here in the museum there are a few items from this collection. But besides all of the exhibits are many other masterpieces: watches, cigarette cases, various jewelry, and animal figurines. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to make pictures of this beautiful collection.

Hotels in Baden-BadenThese are the unexpected discoveries that small cities of the world offer.

Baden Baden Photo-gallery

US Capitol

ColumbusTourists are beginning to view the most important monument of the state from the movie about a brief history of America, which sealed the milestones of U.S. history. Coming out of the cinema in a noisy crowd of tourists, ear somehow snatched the phrase – “Propaganda!” Apparently, so you can relate to this. But what is wrong with that? After all, every state in some way trying to promote their uniqueness. This concept can be treated differently. If the country does not appear on the ideology of state, it becomes as the territory easy to stay for the amorphous mass of the population. If the government takes care of the creation of the state, it is required to educate the citizens of love and pride for their country, a sense of patriotism. As U.S. citizens such qualities are brought up, and it deserves respect.

After the cinema, walking route runs through the Capitol halls and meeting rooms, where everyday policy and important decisions are created. Anyone wishing to attend the meeting of the U.S. Congress has the ability and can observe the behavior of Congress during the course of meetings and making important decisions. Not everything is so smooth and clear in making these decisions. Many of the actions of the U.S. government caused condemnation both at home and abroad, but in the end, for all the dislike and sometimes hatred of the government, the country is a magnet for many of the world’s inhabitants. Immigrants from around the world tend to get in the USA. And it is for good reason.

As a country built by immigrants in the relatively short term, the state managed to create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for every person in the country, regardless of color, religion or belief. And most importantly, free and equal opportunities to succeed were created. This does not mean that, having the right to live in the country, everyone immediately gets all the benefits. These benefits are earned through hard work, but people actions to achieve their goals (if they are not criminal in nature), firmly protected by the Constitution.

And now a little bit about the Capitol, as the object is not political, but cultural.

In Washington, it is the tallest building. So it was decided that nothing above it in this city should be built. Rule applies, and this is why Washington does not look like an American city – it looks more European.


Walking through the corridors and meeting rooms of Capitol leave no aesthetic impressions. Everything here is arranged by business and not much different from the parliamentary buildings of the other foreign countries.

Freedom - Crown of US CapitolPerhaps the most interesting place in the Capitol is Rotunda. Dome is crowned with the Statue of Liberty, seen from afar, and this picture is the face of Washington DC. This statue has incorporated the basic meaning of the idea of ​​the American state.

Inside this magnificent building shows the main milestones of the country.  All important events are represented by the numerous pieces of art.

The Apotheoses of WashingtonThe dome is painted with the huge fresco “The Apotheoses of Washington. The main element of the whole picture is the scene of the ascension of George Washington surrounded by female figures epitomizes freedom and achievement. They surrounded by images of the scene, embodying the main achievements in the wars, science, engineering, navigation, industry and agriculture.

Like a bas-reliefThe vertical circle at the base of the Dome creates a ring depicting important historical events. From below it looks like a bas-relief carved in the stone, but in fact it is also brilliantly executed frescoes.

Painting on the Rotunda WallThere are numerous huge canvases with scenes of American history on the walls.

US Capitol paintingAll this is inscribed in sculptural ensemble of Rotunda, which represent the important characters of the State, made the greatest contribution to its emergence and establishment.

Capitol SculpturesAfter going through the Rotunda, you get to the hall of sculpture, which presents one hundred most respected and significant characters in U.S. history (two from each state).

Here is the Capitol how it looks in the eyes of an ordinary tourist.

US Capitol panorama

Washington – the pride of the American people

There are two kinds of capitals of the states. Some act as huge capital cities in all their manifestations – political, economic, cultural, sports and other aspects of human activity. They behave like a huge energy source. Here everything is in moving constantly full daylong. They never stop their motion, even at nighttime. Streets are full with crowd, traffic jams, and bustle. Everything rages, roars, changing. It is difficult to make out in the ever-swinging mass of humanity, who is a resident of the capital, and who is a visitor.

And the opposite is true in the metropolitan capitals. Peace, balance, quietness distinguish these cities. Here in appearance (most of the dress code) and style of behavior public can be distinguished as a local or visitors. In these capitals stranger can understand more about the country and its people. Washington is one of those cities.

Washington – the capital of the United States – was built for the sole purpose to represent the state, his greatness, his pride, his freedom, and his uniqueness. American nation did it with great success. The city is built with respect, gratitude and memory to the creators of the state, with pride in its history, with great love and solicitude for everything that has been created and established for generations. Respect for the visitors is the fact that in a relatively short history of the state (just over two hundred years old) the city-monument has been built! Granite and marble of all facilities in a great Washington downtown emphasizes the greatness and the firmness of the state foundation. The state that has been created for free people and signed a contract with their own people about mutual respect and care about each other. This document is not other than the U.S. Constitution, which both sides followed unquestioningly.

At this point, many will doubt the words of the author and lead samples, contrary to the idealistic approach to the American reality. Yes, unfortunately, the ideal state has not yet been built anywhere. But the author, having lived many years in a different reality, and having lived enough years in North America, has the ability to compare and evaluate the person’s position in the state and the state’s attitude toward him. Two different measurements!

But let’s back to the city of Washington.

Washington MallThe whole city center is a huge National Mall. In fact, Mall in America has always been associated with a large shopping center. But in this case there is nothing for selling. It is rather a great big open-air museum. And by the way, because nothing here offered for sale – admission to all museums on the territory of the Mall is free.

If you look at the central part of the plan, which is the heart of the U.S. capital, you can see that it is based on a Latin cross. It is difficult to guess whether this was planned from the beginning, or has arisen in the course of many years of architectural research. Today, it looks that way, and it is very symbolic, because at the center and at the ends of the cross are the most valuable historical objects. This is a monument of American nationhood, namely, the most prominent memorials to presidents and place, specifically related to the United States creation.

Pillar of George WashingtonThe heart and center of the cross and the city is situated at the foot of Washington Memorial. Who has not seen this simple and in no way attractive stele surrounded by a ring of waving American flags? As if nothing special, but when you stand on the hill next to it and see the surrounding open spaces, with all the historical places, you realize that this is the point from which American history is visible. From the base to the one third of Monument it is in tan color, and further up to the very top of the aluminum pyramid – white. It happened because it was originally built for budget money that was not enough. It took time to think how to continue building, and the fundraising was opened. It was replenished by donations, and the obelisk was completed. But the stone supplier was another, and it is engraved in the monument forever. Nothing in that obelisk is reminiscent of George Washington. It is just a smooth blowing up column to some unknown heights. Perhaps it is his descendant mandate – to reach the heights in everything.

Abraham LincolnAt the top of the cross there is the Memorial of Abraham Lincoln. It is classical building in the form of the Doric temple, surrounded by columns on the perimeter of the number of states belonging to the United States at the time of construction of the memorial. The pediment above each column is carved the name of the state. In front of the memorial sits proudly in a massive presidential chair Abraham Lincoln himself. The statue depicted a rather stern and resolute man with a heavy look. It seems hard to create the state and make serious decisions. But as it turned out, this put him in some of the most prominent American presidents, for which he is retained in memory of the grateful descendants. The inscription on the wall behind the seated figure of Lincoln, says:

“In this temple, as in the hearts of the people, for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.”

Thomas JeffersonIn the west wing of the cross President Thomas Jefferson’s Memorial is situated. The construction was built in the form of a circular pavilion. The massive columns support the dome. The statue of a pensive Thomas Jefferson is inside. As the principal author of the Declaration of Independence he had probably something to think about. Memorial stands on the banks of the Potomac River and this gives it a lightness and airiness.

American President ResidenceIn the east wing of the cross is the White House – the abode of the presidents. Perhaps it is the most inconspicuous of all structures in the cross. This building is frugal comfortable accommodation for important person of state. On the status of statesman White House is arranged and filled with all the necessary dignity, but without the bombast and indecency.

US Capitol on the Capitol HillFinally, the base of the cross is reliance Capitol. And this is really a powerful base. The British tried to destroy it during the war for independence, and set fire to it. But Capitol survived and was reborn in a new form and quality. Today it is visible from afar on Capitol Hill and gives the whole ensemble of greatness. Abraham Lincoln’s view of his memorial went off over the reflecting pool to the monument of George Washington, and from there up to the Capitol, which holds hope and support of the American people.

Washington – Photo Gallery


Freiburg City ClockFreiburg is the fourth biggest city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It has ancient history, architecture and all the inherent attributes of the old city – City Hall, numerous churches, among which the main are highlighted, the University with the medieval history. This is one of the major wine areas in Germany. Therefor vineyards and wineries surround the city on the slopes of the mountains. Describe in detail the city and its history makes no sense, today you can find that on the Internet. But the little things that actually make up the spirit of the city, you should see, and then you remember and remain in memory because of some characteristic features that distinguishes it from other cities.

Main Cathedral of Freiburg CityThe main Cathedral (Munster) is beautiful and grandiose. It is impressive, and certainly stands out among its own kind. But it is only when put next to pictures of other similar monuments of architecture. It can be walked around and seen for hours. There are a lot of details, which attract and fascinate sight of the observer.

City canalsEverywhere around the city, on any street, the small canals are flowing. Well, and the canals they can be called conventional. Dressed in stone – that’s probably all that they have in common with the canals. It is more consistent with the size of gutters, which it was in the middle ages. All the filth of the city flowed over it into the Rhine. But over the years, this problem was solved, and the ditches turned into clean streams adorn the streets of the city.

Sidewalk mosaicSecond, eye-catching, feature appeared sidewalks. All the pavements of the city lined with hewn stone blocks of natural stone, but the sidewalks are lined with small flat pebbles. But it does not look like the seacoast, and as a museum of mosaics.

Freiburg street photographyOne can walk for hours through the streets of the city and not see anything repetitive. Trams, city clocks, painted walls, bicycles, tiny cars, street cafes, gardens and parks, people with dogs and donkeys, and other conventional components of the urban landscape, but special and make this city different from other cities in Germany and the world.

Freiburg photogallery.



City Square

Strasbourg – one of three modern capitals of the united Europe. For a mixed feeling is the architecture of the city – whether it’s France, or Germany. Today it is a French city, but a lot of things say about its German origins and complicated history. In Europe, all intertwined, many times altered and redistributed among the States, and therefore a matter of respect to a reasonable solution to unite and wipe on the possibility of conflicts between European States. No borders, no borders patrols, no boring looks suspicious border guards. That creates a comfort, it relaxes and allows the person to feel at home, it creates a sense of freedom and harmony.

Strasbourg Cathedral

In contrast to Germany Munster, major Cathedrals in all French cities are Notre-Dame. The Strasbourg Cathedral is striking in its threaded jewelry. Talented artists carved all items with a particular sophistication. It is hard to imagine that all this is made out of stone. From the distance at which the eye is not focused on the details, the whole structure looks like a skeleton covered with lace. Music in Stone – otherwise it cannot be called!

Strasbourg CathedralThe sculpture, which cover Cathedral, inscribed harmoniously into the overall design and, therefore, is complex as a whole. Needless to add, but nothing can be separated. It is perfect and finished form.

Smiling Girls

A very important feature and the main difference of Western countries is the people. Looking at them gives the impression that the problems do not exist for them, all they have is good and everything is arranged. No one worried face, smile and just an open mind, tolerance for everybody and everything, and no bitterness, and even more aggression. Life flows slowly. Hustle and bustle is not observed. But why spoil life for themselves and others?

River bank

Such a feeling that in Europe the only river is Rhine. It dodges, twists, making its way through many European countries. Here in Strasbourg, it is the main artery. Beautiful strong embankments, gardens on the banks, numerous swans and other waterfowl, couples, students and just resting citizens sit on the benches and swim in pleasure boat on this beautiful river.

Strasbourg - Little France

One of the strangest and at the same time, reminiscent of old Germanic origin of place is the area of ​​the Little France (Petite-France). For the French city it is strange presence of the district with the same name. But lost in the historical roots of the city, it becomes clear that the presence of French in the German city area looks quite normal. Extensive search of the place finally crowned with success, but something special, seemingly releasing this part of the general urban ensemble could not be found. Just pretty nice quarter.

The rest, of course, a huge city. Given its current status, there are many different European institutions and, accordingly, finance, thus maintaining it in proper form and makes it an important place in all aspects.

Photo gallery Strasbourg ( City , People , Cathedral , Little France ).