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Library of Congress

View from CapitolHow many people visit the library today? Apparently not many. Google, Bing, Wikipedia and other sources of information have replaced the library and books in their original form. But for fans and lovers of books and ways to enrich their knowledge through reading, fortunately, libraries are survived and still have their admirers. Library, under the influence of time and the demands of today’s living conditions in the world of dramatically increased flow of information, has changed profoundly. Today visitors not only reading books, magazines, newspapers and other publications but also using computers to find any information they need. However, is it possible to compare the reading of the book in electronic format and print edition?!

In any country, there are large and small libraries, but among them are the principal and wealthiest by their reserves and the value of the content. In U.S. library, which has the status of a national, is Library of Congress in Washington, DC near the Capitol.

Today in this beautiful building is hard to guess its tragic fate. After suffering two devastating fires in 1814 and 1851, destroying virtually all of its abundant books, it was revived thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts and the government. An enormous private and public fund was spent for the recreation of the library and the book fund. Today there are a lot of unique items here that are available to all citizens of the state and foreigners.

Right at the entrance in the lobby visitors are greeted with a library staff, offering to become the owner of the library card. The card looks very impressive and reminds passport of the country, but in fact it is called Passport to Knowledge. Having received such a document, one gets access to an extensive collection of unique library content.

Passport to Knowledge

But the structure itself looks, as well as everything in Washington, majestic and elegant. Classical architectural forms, sculpture and paintings that adorn the interior of the library, create a special mood and desire to use this wealth in full.

General view of LC


Main Entrance to LC


Gallery around the main hall of Library of Congress


Sculpture of woman meeting all the visitors


Rectangular plafond


Beautiful Plafond


Columns holding the plafond


Fresco of Muse




And finally! Kids, pay respect to your parents – they graduated school with no Google and Wikipedia!