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North Sea – Carolinensiel

Caroline Shield

Caroline. Situated to the 275 year celebration of the place Carolinensiel in the year 2005.
As a reminder of the term “Cliner Wind” for the joy of life, world openness, energy and courage.

Northern nature, its colors, and light are totally different from the southern. There are no flashy beauty and the scorching sun, shades are softer and warmer, the days are longer, and therefore more chances for photographers to use morning and evening soft light.
Probably for this reason, people in the Nordic countries unhurried, with restrained emotions and balanced character, prone to compromises and tolerance. All this creates a comfortable and supportive environment for recreation.
Carolinensiel is a small town on North Sea coast in Germany. We can say that it is even tiny. Here, however, created a fairly well developed infrastructure for tourism, and even in April town is full of fans who ready to see something new.

 Carolinensiel Downtown

The town center is a cluster of small museums, gift shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. But the main attraction definitely is the North Sea with its beautiful beaches. That is all what tourists need.
As we move towards the coast from the center of town the focus has shifted towards the hotels, motels and other places for accommodation.
But there is another way to spend your holiday – rent a house in the vicinity of the town. We have done so.

Farmer's House

Wind Generators


The house was 5 kilometers from the center. It stood among German manicured fields. There were a lot of wind turbines nearby that did not violate the harmony of nature. House was surrounded by flowers and shaded by huge trees. Within a few minutes walking distance located rustic restaurant. In the near surroundings were several houses where the locals were engaged in their own business.
The horse’s owners attracted tourists the most. They organized horseback riding and for young children they had ponies. In the morning there was a peaceful silence, broken only by birdsong.

Nord See

North Sea. The seawater colour was light gray, and it seemed that all the paint was obtained from washed sand, which laid like white veil at the water’s edge. Wind blows in here constantly, this is why the air is full of flocks of flying kites.
Tide is an interesting nature phenomenon. By noon the sea retreats far enough. It went somewhere over the horizon, and many tourists explored the remains of marine life on the sea bottom. However, with such walks it is necessary to be very careful and it would be better to have a companion who knows how far you can go from the shore, and more important when to return.
On the day when we were walking along the seabed, the rescuers had to fish for three hapless tourists who hoped for their knowledge and power. Sea goes out slowly, and returns very quickly.


Unlike the sea a lot of good things do not come back. They only stay in our memory.