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Friday Sunset



Purple Sun

Spring Evening

Sun is coming down
Still naked
A little bit of colour
Long evening shadows
Beautiful geraniums
Warm evening light

Canadian Sunset

Canadian Sunset


See you tomorrow…

Do not go


Touch of Light


See you tomorrow…

Good Night!

The shortest day of the year ended with lovely sunset.



Evening Sun in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Sunset



Alexander Lautsyus

Sunset and Sunrise, Oakville

Sunset in Oakville on Hummingbird Way

Valentine’s Day Sunset

Sunrise on Bronte Harbour, Oakville

Family Day Sunrise


Evening Sun

Sun in the window


Good Night, Sunrays!

Good Night Sunshine

Crimson June Evening

Last Sunday morning was sunny and affectionate. However, the evening downpour washed away the remnants of June. Storm arranged a farewell fireworks. Crimson sunset notified of the occurrence of a new summer months. Tomorrow is July 1.
Sunset after ThunderstormGirl and DogMen on boardsSunset on the wallSunset FlameHAPPY CANADA DAY!