Niagara Falls from the above

Canada and US Niagara FallsNiagara River flows north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. It forms part of the border between the Province of Ontario in Canada (on the west) and New York State in the United States. The Goat Island divides the river to two spectacular waterfalls – American Falls and Canadian (horseshoe). They are both beautiful at any time of the year.



31 thoughts on “Niagara Falls from the above

  1. Hi Alexander! Wow, amazing pictures of the Niagara falls.I was there four year ago, but didn’t get the chance to see it from above. I just saw one side (the american one). But seeing it like this is very impressive! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Niagara Falls is one of my top most wanted travel destination. To see its granduer, to hear its thunder, to be at awe at its beauty … it’d be a trip of a lifetime for me. Thanks for showing us the spectacles, Lau. These pictures taken from above?

  3. I have not been but hope to one day. I can imagine the roar of the water being deafening. Great shot from the tower. Gives a very nice overview 🙂

    • As I remember from one of your post your sister lives in Detroit. It is not over the corner but not too far away from Niagara Falls. I hope one day you’ll come and see it. This phenomenon is worth to see.

  4. We had the funniest experience here at the falls…right when we were under the falls, we put our video camera under our☺ capes so it wouldn’t get wet.I said to my husband, I sure wish we could record this without ruining our camera. What we didn’t know, I left the record button on, so when we got home we heard us talking under the falls.

    • Sometime it happen. I had in my life the same experience few times. You have to watch your mouse do not to be in confusing situation.
      By the way, there is no Little Man on the last pictures. It looks you’ve been there only with Tarzan. It is absolutely necessary once for awhile. We do the same with my wife.

  5. I have never been to Niagara Falls, but I have certainly heard a lot about it.
    Don’t know if I’ll ever get there!
    Your first photo from above is a great shot of the entire area. Thanks for posting!

  6. Imagine my surprise when I came to your site today. I live not far from these falls, Alexander! I have been there many times BUT I have yet to see the views you presented here. You must have gone up in the helicopter! How cool. I just bought rain sleeves for my camera because one of the places I plan on going this summer is to these falls. Great photos!!!! Thank you! Love, Amy

    • Amy, you do not need for that helicopter. Just go to the Skylon (tower on Canadian side) with revolving restaurant for the lunch or dinner. If not, just get to the observation level and you are ready to watch and make the pictures of one of the most beautiful attraction ever. For sure from helicopter you can make better pictures. But it is more expensive though. Anyway, it is good plan to visit one more time this place.

      • Thank you!!! I will do just that! And I will get close-ups as well. Niagara Falls is breathtaking and SO powerful! I LOVE going there! It can be such a hassle to get into Canada these days, so for the past few years, I have not gone. I have to get a special license (driver) in order to get into Canada. And then I am not sure how they will react at the border with all my camera equipment. I think I will start on the American side and go from there! 🙂 xx Amy

      • Honestly, I’ve never had problem at the border with my photo equipment, unless you have huge amount or something special. It seems to me it is better to check out in the internet the rules on that subject. I think it should not be the problem. Looking forward to see your Niagara Falls pictures!

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