After the Rain

Rain has goneThe last two weeks of August and beginning of September were hot. Then temperature dropped down dramatically and rain with thunderstorm came to our region. Last weekend was grey and rainy. The autumn reminded to people to be ready for the nasty weather and cool windy days. Saturday and Sunday were boring, unpleasant, and depressive. But the Sunday evening sun brought hope that it is not real autumn it is just short reminder of it.
Sunshine on the treesAutumn colours


15 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. Hi Alexander.
    I hope you saw in the post about the Biltmore Hotel I did group some of the photos., as you suggested. Did that make it easier to open? I didn’t group all of them because when they are grouped they looked smaller and not as easy to see. Let me know your thoughts about this. I also posted using the grouping about the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    • Hi Sharron,
      I saw these helpful adjustments (at least for myself). On the main page they are looking smaller but when you click on one of them it becomes bigger and you can go through gallery faster and more convenient. Unfortunately, not many followers bother to go and see the pictures but for those who is interested it is definitely a huge advantage.
      Sorry, I did not leave comment about that because I am now pretty busy with huge home project. My WordPress life is frozen for now. Anyway, I’ve read your posts and seen all the pictures. Now it is with no doubt faster and easier to browse all of them. Thank you.
      Looking forward to see your new posts.

    • Usually, by that time of the year the weather is not steady. Sometime it is colder, sometime warmer. Sun and rain chasing each other. However, in general the weather is pretty comfortable and not boring. In couple weeks the full colour of Autumn is going to appear. It’ll be the most beautiful and enjoyable time of the season. You have the Spring Beauty right now and we are waiting for Autumn.
      Enjoy the season, Anna!

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    • Canada is huge (the only country which is bigger Russia) this is why the weather is so different around the country. Here in Toronto area by that time of the year is usually warm and sunny. Actually, couple cool and rainy days were like abnormal situation. Anyway tomorrow we expect +28C again and bright sunny day.

  3. Hi Alexander. Now everything is fresh and lovely at your place. Enjoy the great weather. I checked your weather for tomorrow it looks great and sunny like your pictures đŸ™‚
    All the best,

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