Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving_2015-6On Thanksgiving Holiday we were gifted with the real summer weather. It was warm and sunny. On Thanksgiving evening the sky was covered with picturesque clouds, the sunlight played on them and created magnificent painting.
Nevertheless, the autumn appearance is everywhere. Bushes and trees have acquired fall colors, wildflowers are not so bright and numerous, birds are going on a long journey and arrange training flights in flocks and wedges.
Canadian autumn is beautiful, bright, and optimistic without admixture of depression and melancholy.


23 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Gift

  1. I love the top photo! Great composition.
    We live in the desert near the mountains, and have coyotes and hawks in our back yard even though we are “in civilization”. As people spread out, the habitat for wild animals decreases. Our coyotes seem to have a taste for little dogs, so ours are never in the back yard alone. Their doggie door leads out to an enclosed kennel.

    • Thank you, Sharron. Today there is no anymore clear border between wild life and civilization. People invaded to the wild habitat and vise versa. This is why we have to coexist in peace. Unfortunately, not only inhabitants of the wild life sometime behave aggressively. The human been does a lot of wrong things in surrounded world. In the early 70th there was Stanley Kramer’s movie “Bless the Beast and Children”. It is pretty bright picture of human behavior even nowadays. Let’s be optimistic and try to save this troubled world for our kids. World is wonderful and you are writing about it and picturing on your photo.

  2. Hello, dear Alexander!
    I was readind some comments and have to say: There is a wonderful autumn in Berlin just now. Often raining – mostly at night, but nevertheless beautiful colours at the trees like marple, oaks and many bushes. I shot some pictures. Until now I didn’t show every photo – now and then I will do. 😉
    At last Sunday lunchtime I had really luck with the nice fox. I was so surprised.

      • Well, in recent years it was pretty much going from Summer to Winter – so there are not so many beautiful autumn landscapes…
        …though over here most trees are still green – I notice it after returning from beautiful Autumn landscapes in Kazakhstan.

        I guess you can find beautiful autumn landscapes – but it is not easy.
        There is a mountainous area near Frankfurt with some woods – I think there you might find some beautiful autumn colours.

      • Actually, I’ve seen numerous lovely pictures with German Autumn and I am pretty sure there are a lot of places in Germany with the beautiful Autumn landscape. Unfortunately I did not see it in the real life.

      • Yes, as I said, you have to get a bit outside to mountainous and wooden areas – there you can find some autumn colours…
        …not sure why it doesn’t extend so much to the cities. 🙂

    • By the way, last weekend I went to the Taunus mountains near Königstein and there you can find beautiful autumn colours. As I assumed, one has to go out of the cities.

  3. Hi Alexander. Your autumn pictures are lovely thanks for sharing.
    Did you see any coyotes? Or have you heard stories about them?
    All the best,

    • Hi Hanna. Thanks God, I’ve never met this animal in “person” 🙂 However I’ve seen them from the distance. They are not really like to come close to people, they are afraid. Anyway they are pretty dangerous. Few years ago in nearby city Hamilton they attacked young woman and hurt hey badly. This is why in all of the Canadian parks you can see warning signs.

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