Trumpeter Swan

White Swan with Black legs and noseTrumpeter Swan has been extirpated 200 years ago in Ontario due to hunting pressure and habitat loss. Biologist Harry Lumsden began a provincial reintroduction program in the early 1980’s to re-establish the Trumpeter swan in its former habitat and range.
One of the most popular wintering ground for these lovely birds is in Burlington La Salle Park. Quarter of their population found winter home for themselves. The Trumpeter Swan Coalition is a volunteer organization that take care of them.
Trumpeter Swans are gorgeous birds. However they are looking a little bit different of other swans and their sound absolutely different and really explained their name. The voice sounds like trumpet and all together they make an orchestra of trumpet musicians.
La Salle Park is the lovely place for birds lovers, family entertainment, and just for relaxing and enjoying the nature.


25 thoughts on “Trumpeter Swan

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  2. Wonderful photographs…. they are elegant creatures, the reintroduction gives hope to humanity
    being reintroduced also 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your art
    Take Care…You Matter

  3. My wife and I have watched the from LaSalle Park, the rickety bridge and Cootes Paradise. I’ll have to check my birding stock photos. I may have photographed M85 at Cootes or in the pond in Dundas.

  4. Oh wow how I enjoyed your post and your shots are just outstanding, Alexander. It makes my Heart so happy to know that some humans care about Mother and are trying to get things right again. Thank you for posting this! ❤

    • Thank you, Amy. It was pleasure to watch how the volunteer ladies treated that lovely birds, how they labeled them, fed them and even talked to them. Thanks to that passionate people we can see and enjoy that beautiful birds.

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