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Spring 2015-13Swansea is a neighbourhood in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, bounded on the west by the Humber River, on the north by Bloor Street, on the east by High Park where Grenadier Pond is located and on the south by Lake Ontario. Surrounded by the river, ponds and lakes it attracts a lot of waterfowl. Swans give a special beauty and appeal of this place and attract many visitors to admire them.
Spring is interesting time to observe courtship and the appearance of offspring. Swans do it nicely. They carefully treat their companions, protect them from encroachment of uninvited guests and take care of their offspring.
Swans is one of Swansea hallmarks.


11 responses

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  2. An introduction to the place, a welcome to a season change, and I love the turn about swans. Simple post made brilliant!

    April 22, 2015 at 12:53 pm

  3. Excellent.
    Swans are really amazing animals.

    April 22, 2015 at 12:45 pm

  4. Reblogged this on ugiridharaprasad.

    April 21, 2015 at 10:23 pm

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  6. Swans are so pretty. Nice shots!

    April 21, 2015 at 9:14 pm

  7. sublime!

    April 21, 2015 at 4:07 pm

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